Science – A Way Forward

OK, so I’m not too pleased with the Beeb, but I have nothing against Science Club, sometimes I may question how good some things will be but for the most part I see hope, particularly for renewable energy.  The latest episodes touch on some fantastic ideas and encourage new technologies to come forward, for hardware hacking (taking one item and turning it into another) and for everyone to get their thinking caps on.  There are renewable energies out there and if we stopped thinking so nationally and started taking it down to a local level there isn’t any reason why the billions we pile into fossil fuels couldn’t be piled into these new technologies instead.  There is a man in Wales who powers his entire village with a hydro generator on a river that runs through his land, we just need to think outside the box.  Here is a link if anyone wants it.

UPDATE 31/08/13

Nice – DIY Solar Panels –

OK, so my personal opinion is that we need to move away from agriculture and move towards localised permaculture, it is less labour intensive and believe it or not, agriculture has a detrimental affect on our eco system . I think we should be thinking local on power too, the reason the politicians and big power companies tell you that it’s too expensive to have green energy and green products is 1, they WANT your money and 2. they are doing it on a national scale.  Anyway, I digress, this intrigues me very much as I am very much against GMO, particularly from those well known large companies who are into everything!  So here’s a link, I shall be doing some research into this…

It’s an old article, but an interesting concept, set up hydropower, sell it back to the companies and use the funds to improve the local ecology.  Spot on my friends.

Now when you look at this one, I’d really like to know why on earth we are pursuing fossil fuels when there are technologies like THIS out there.

UPDATE 10/09/13

Today I am looking into powering appliances at home, so some links showing what I’m researching will follow.

UPDATE: 15/09/13 – This is a long video but it’s very good, all in one energy:

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