Supermarkets – Global Impact

In order to change how we impact the planet and everyone on it we need to consider how we live.  I’m not saying don’t shop at Supermarkets, sometimes there’s something you want and I doubt that will change, but consider the following when making your purchases.  Take your common apple for example.  You go to the supermarket, either by public transport, your own vehicle and some will walk, those walking create less impact but expend more personal energy.  You buy your apple and you go home.  But that apple is most likely to have grown in another country, often countries that themselves are very poor, some of the companies might not pay taxes there so the benefit isn’t seen by that country either, it is usually air freighted to the UK, sometimes it’s irradiated to make it last longer and there will most likely be a local producer who produces the same apple only it’s too large or too small for the consumer taste, the excess packaging then gets carted off to other poorer areas within other countries where their poor try to make a living from it.  This happens with many products and there is an increase of stores offering local produce, but why not produce it yourselves or seek it out ourselves?  We all create an impact, in everything we do, sometimes without realising it, I hope that by us sharing ideas and knowledge we will all change how we view the world.

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