The Beginning

Well not really the beginning, I’ve felt like this for many years as has my husband, but again this year we tried to grow our own vegetables.  On a much larger scale, using some permaculture methods and nothing but what nature provides.  Unfortunately, this failed!  We got a ramekin of peas, our beans died, the carrots and onions lasted a day, the apples fell off the tree, as did the cherries, but we have 3 tomatoes!  So…I deduce, we live in an area that is very green, we are next to some woods and we let our garden overgrow a bit to encourage bees and butterflies.  The result appears to be oodles of bugs!  So, our plan is to set up an aquaponics system, off the ground, in a poly tunnel and use up planting with bottles next year, we will grow on the patio rather than in the grass, it seems a waste of land but we can plant lots of wild flowers to make up for it and that will help with pollination.  I will post the plans at a later date and will shortly post regarding home made products.  Also some information on how we impact the planet in our daily living. 


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