Energy Saving Tips

This blog will be ongoing as I have so many links to find and post.  Essentially there are a lot of ways we can save energy.  Before the price increases we had joined a plan with a monitor that attached to our electricity supply.  We found that just by turning everything off at night we were saving £1 a day.  We had previously been quite complacent.  Not really aware that leaving something on, even if it’s on standby or a charger that isn’t connected to what it should be charging, drains power.  

The energy saving trust also offers a free connection for showers so they use less water.  We are already on a water meter, which automatically makes you a little more aware of how you use it.  Our tap shower is broken so we have had to have baths, I started ensuring that I didn’t fill it to the extent I normally would, which to be fair probably saves a considerable amount.  We collect water to water plants and also use water from our Aquarium, so we aren’t using tap water or the sewage system.  

Your freezer is more efficient when it is full.  A class appliances use less energy.  I often try to cook using only one method, one pot cooking or ensure if I have several dishes to make that they are cooked alongside eachother.  We only heat our water when it is needed and live without heating for as long as possible. 

We have cardboard with the fire blankets glued to them (The silver ones, you can pick them up for about £2) behind our radiators and behind furniture that backs onto an external wall.  We keep curtains mostly closed in the winter to try to stop heat escaping.  We use draught excluders.  

This year I want to try and use less again, we are going to put a curtain on our stairs as it is open plan, this way the downstairs shouldn’t get quite as cold and the upstairs quite as warm which will hopefully mean we can keep heating on low.  

Try to re use any wasted food or get a composting bin so at least you are not throwing it away.  

Place black painted bottles of water on windowsills to heat up and use to cook, less energy to boil the water 🙂 

I will post more tips as I try them out.  I am trying to only post information on things we have tried ourselves.  


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