Home Made Aquarium Pump

Ok so we did get this idea of you tube, so feel free to go and see, however I can’t remember which one we watched so can’t give them any credit.  

You will need 1 air pump, with tube,  I picked ours up for £5, we have 2 so that was a cost of £10.  

K1 filter media – usually advertised as koy carp pond media – again we got 1kilo for £5 so that’s a total cost of £15 for the 2 pumps.

Plastic bottles (I mean recycled, as in use what you have.

Get your plastic bottle and either drill, stab or poke holes into the bottom so that the air can be released, you also make an incision large enough for your air pipe to go into, in the neck of the bottle.  You want the pipe to be in half way, so the air is released up through the centre of the bottle from top to bottom (it sits in the tank upside down).  We also poked holes into the side to attach suction cups so it sits in the side of the tank.  So with all your holes made, you take your plastic bottle and you fill it half way with the K1 media.  Attach the pump pipe, get a household sponge (un-used and you are best to sterilize it with boiling water first) cut a hole roughly the size of the bottle, place it on the top (which is the bottom, I know) and you’re good to attach it to the side of the tank and switch it on.  

So just to recap, 2 air pumps, plastic tube, K1 filter media, plastic bottle and household sponge.  

You will notice it’s very pretty in how it moves, a bit snow globe like, it also will get dirty, this is the idea, it filters out harmful bacteria but leaves the good stuff.  

We have also adapted a water pump by putting a cut in half plastic bottle on the end where the water is sucked in and put two household sponges into it, the water still pumps but the sponge sucks up the muck 🙂 

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