The Plan

OK so this is our plan, as you will see from my previous blogging our attempt at food production was an almost epic fail, however, we have learned from this and have adjusted our plan accordingly.   So here it is.

1.  Look into the purchase or making of solar panels (I have found a site, will find the link).  Use these to power various appliances and the pump for the aquaponics system.  We live in rented accommodation, we can’t make changes to the electrical infrastructure of the property, but we can operate small units designed to run a small number of items, this will reduce the amount of energy we use.

2.  Black out some plastic bottles and store water in them daily, keep them on a windowsill and the temperature increase, no matter how small, will make the boiling of water for cooking less, hence using less energy.

3.  Plant garden with wildflowers and grow on the patio in up planters, like bottle gardens, to try and minimise the bug impact on our vegetable growing.

4.  Clear our neighbours garden and build a large polytunnel, once built install solar aquaponics system.

5.  Plant seeds in the house over winter and use red and blue LED’s to try and keep growth through colder months.

6.  Try to produce less waste, upcycle as much as possible and reduce actual refuse (excluding recycling) from 2 bags a fortnight to 1.

7.  Weather proof the house as much as possible to reduce energy bills during winter.

8.  Save the money we hopefully will be saving by taking these steps and eventually buy some land, build a sustainable property on it and do all this again.  🙂

This last step isn’t for everyone, but others could use any of the above, we will be posting progress on all of these so that anyone can benefit from them if they wish to.  There are many, many ways to become more sustainable and if I’m honest it is easier if you have money, but we plan on spending as little as possible, for this to work for others it needs to suit everyone’s budget and this day and age more and more of us are struggling to survive.  Wherever possible we will make what we need, reuse what we can and if we do need to make purchases we will research them and share that research.  So that’s the plan, I hope to have all this running, with proof of working by next Spring.

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