Growing Vegetables in Unusual Spaces

Part of what we want to do is try to test ideas that would enable people with small spaces to grow at least some produce.  One I know that works as I have seen it and can look lovely, we plan to do this next year on trellis we already have, is to use bottle towers.  This is an excellent example with instructions and I can’t take any credit for it, I just searched for it, but when we do it I’ll post images.

Update: 15/09/13 – today my friends little girl collected the seeds from apples we foraged for.  I am going to follow this to try and get some sprouting 🙂

I’ll update this as we go along.

UPDATE: 17/09/13 – I soaked the apple seeds for 24 hours and they are packed up, into the fridge they go for 80 days.

Apple Seeds


I didn’t have any kitchen roll so used cotton pads.  Our first packet of seeds have arrived, Angelica.  We will be growing on windowsills.  I will be posting the instructions when we get the seeds and are ready to plant.  I intend to use litre bottles, I will be cutting them 2/3rds of the way up, the bottoms will be filled with stones to give the plants natural drainage whilst being indoors.  I will then place a circle of cardboard which will eventually mulch but for now will provide a barrier between earth and stones.  Plus it will give a firmer base for packing down the earth.  We would then add compost and plant the seeds, the bottle tops will be used as propagators until we have seedlings.  We have a lot of herbs coming so I’m hoping in a few months we’ll have a window herb garden. 🙂

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