Asian Noodle Soup (Can be vegan)

I discovered this when as sick as a dog and about to go to a Rock Festival, my husband and I came down with terrible colds.  We ate it and for a couple of hours it made us feel better but it’s also just a very nice, tasty dish that is cheap to make and could be a recipe for using your own produce.  I know that for a lot of people good food is becoming hard to come by due to lack of finances, so I’m going to try and give an idea of costs. 

For 2 people, for more, double ingredients.

1 Carrot (I got a 1kg bag for 75p, so that’s a lot of carrots for other recipes)

1 Onion (1 bag for £1)

1 Stock cube (I get them from home bargains, they are 45p a packet and packaged in the UK, not maggi, they are Nestle and they want to patent water so I’m not buying their products)

3 tbsp soy sauce (I got a large bottle for under £3 in lidl

1 tbsp fish sauce (Optional, not for vegans and fine without, got it on offer for £1.50)

1/2 Pepper (75p for 3)

Noodles (I use the ones from home bargains for 45p a pack)

1/2 pint of water (or there abouts, cover the vegetables)

chillis 1/2 tsp (I used dried) (£1.50)

2 cloves garlic (£1.20 for 3 cloves)

1 tsp ginger (£1.50 for a piece, but you could use dried or the kind from a tube)

Slice veg (You can use anything really) and sautee in sesame oil if you have it (£1.50 a bottle from an ethnic section in a supermarket) or any oil, olive, sunflower, coconut etc, chop the garlic and ginger finely and add, stir every so often so nothing sticks, for the 2 person soup I use a small saucepan.  Add the stock cube when the veggies are soft looking, the onions start to get more transparent. and let it sit for a moment then mix it in, you can press it with the spoon to break it up.  Add the water, soy and optional fish sauce, simmer for 20 mins then add your noodles, without the flavour packet and wait for 5 minutes while they cook.  You have asian noodle soup, enjoy and obviously you can use proper noodles, but this is a cheaper version.  

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