Pay It Forward

Apart from being an amazing film (if you haven’t seen it I’d recommend it) it’s an amazing ethos.  If we all payed it forward every so often the world would automatically be a better place.  Part of it for us is to try not to throw away an item of use but to offer it to someone, after all it may be a useless spare bed to us but to someone else who doesn’t have one, it’s just a bed!  Today I went onto a local site looking to post that we have a single bed to give away.  I noticed a post from a week ago about a man who had gone through a breakup and needs just about everything so he can have his kids over.  So I contacted him and we’re dropping the bed off to him tomorrow, I’ve also gone through our things (people give us things they don’t want, we keep them, sometimes we give them away) so now I can give him a bed, bedding, hoover, stereo, dinner set and lamp shades.  The thing that has touched me is he is so grateful and astounded that people have been so nice in offering items to him.  He kept offering payment via barter but I told him I’d just want him to do the same if he was in a position to.  We now have a few less bits and pieces required, but more importantly a Dad will have his home started ready for his children to be with him.  That’s all the payment we’ll ever need and thanks really aren’t needed.  

There is a big difference between needing and wanting.  We need very little to survive really, a home, some furnishings, a place to cook and a place to wash.  What we want is often very different from that.  I am not writing this post for people to praise me for being a nice person, I kind of know that (lol) 😉 but I would like to encourage others to think about it before they part with something that can still be used, to someone with nothing, your something could be everything.  


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