Breakfast Cookies – Chocolate, Nuts, Seeds and Fruit


I make these a lot and anything goes as long as you have an equal amount of dry to wet ingredients.

I used large serving spoons to measure these quantities.

4 tbsp plain flour

1 tsp baking power

1/2 tbsp dark brown sugar

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp vegan hot shot chocolate or chocolate spread

1 tbsp mixed fruit, I used raisins, cherries and cranberries

1/2 tbsp mixed seeds

1/2 tbsp chopped walnuts

1 sachet of plain oats

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla essence

Kneed together until you have a dough, it’s quite sticky, take small chunks and roll in your hands, place it on a tray and flattening it out, bake on 170 degrees for 15 minutes.  If you are vegan and don’t want to use honey you could use sugar and add a little sunflower oil if more moisture is needed. 



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