Pain and Veggies

Hi there, I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been rather unwell with severe stomach pain after eating, or during eating and eventually permanently.  I’m on medication but I know my body and have an understanding of medicine and I’m not sure medication is a good thing, at the minute I have to take it, but it even says on the packet it’s not for prolonged use.

So, what to do?  Well I am going to try juice fasting, I’m taking it easy and will start it as a 3 day fast over next weekend.  I’m not doing it to lose weight, although most do and I could do with losing 20lbs but it’s not what is important to me.  It stands to reason that an intake of fruit and vegetables is good for you.  I’m a piscatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish, although I find I am more squeamish about eating fish all the time, since we started keeping fish really, so I might eat it once ever week or two) so I already eat a good amount of fruit and veg, although I do also eat a fair bit of bread.  The idea of the juice appeals to me on a number of levels.  1, easy, chop fruit, shove into juicer, let the juicer do it’s thing and drink the juice.  2, I can get a whacking portion of veg into 1 glass.  3.  I don’t have to think about a recipe, preparation, cooking or serving.  4.  My body gets to rest from all that digestion.

I will start a seperate post over the 3 days and update it as I go along, I’ll be honest and I’ll also report on any of the side effects or benefits.

I have not started my juice fast yet, I’ve been busy each weekend, but I have been having at least 1 juice a day, before breakfast and what I have noticed is that firstly my body seems to crave the juice on occasion, even when I’m not sure I like it, I keep reaching for it, it’s like my body knows it’s good, secondly I find I am not so hungry throughout the day and need to eat less.  So i already see a benefit of the fruit and vegetable juices.  As yet though I struggle to find a green juice that doesn’t make me go ACK!

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