Pets can be Green too!

OK, I know some off you might go eek, argh or ew, but honestly, trust me when I say this, rats are lovely pets!  They are playful, affectionate, clean and clever.  You can litter train them like you would a cat or dog and you can teach them tricks the same as a dog.  They are small furry little balls of wonder.  Contrary to popular belief they don’t bite.  Even the two we just had from a pet shop (I’d recommend a breeder if you want any, we’ll never buy from a petshop again, 1, because they aren’t treated as well as I’d like and 2, because buying them just gives cause to continue the cycle.  Rats needs love and attention to be good pets, they don’t get that in a pet shop, or at least not the one I went to, as they said, they are too busy.

So, how can our pets be green?  Well we make them toys and beds out of things we would normally throw away, when we are done I shall put photos up.  I had bought some off cuts of material to make gifts so one of those has made a hammock, we have cut the ends off a plastic bottle and suspended it from the ceiling of the cage to make a hanging tunnel, although I think they struggle with it being clear so I may cover that with something.  Cardboard boxes make great beds for them and if they do happen to wee in there, it can be removed and thrown on the compost.

Their litter is paper based so I’m going to look into whether I can put their waste into our compost, I shouldn’t see why not, their wee will be full of nitrogen which is good.  

They eat almost anything so that’s less for the compost.  So you see your pets can be green with you by reusing items to make them things to play with.  We made their cage also but did have to buy some bits for that as I couldn’t find anything suitable on the free sites.  

Photos will follow. 


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