Sanitary Products

This is a touchy subject and one that has bothered me for years.  I’ve never been comfortable with sanitary products, the disposal of them has minimal options and they are hideously bad for the environment and in a lot of cases, upon researching, bad for us too.  So I elected to find a new product that I could use that would be environmentally friendly and me friendly.

I tried a mooncup first, I know people who use them who say they are great, I found it awkward to put in and I couldn’t remove it in the way they advise to so I found it painful on removal.

So I then tried moonpads, or a version of, and I have to say I’m seriously impressed.  I read a lot of reviews first and what I read was that women would not go back to their own method of monthly sanitary products.  I agree totally.  Admittedly I have been having very light periods only lasting a few days, but I found a starter pack of 4 normal and 2 nighttime pads have suited me fine.  I wash them by hand during the days I have my period then into the washing machine in an old pillow case once a month.  They are clean, they haven’t caused any leaking through, they don’t smell, they aren’t jammed with chemicals and materials that cause skin irritation.  Yes, they are thicker so I tend to wear clothes that do not highlight this fact.  All in all I am very, very pleased.  I accept the £30 price tag as I’ll never need anything else again, they are definitely the way to go for me.   I highly recommend them for those who can’t handle the mooncup or don’t want chemicals near their sensitive bits 🙂

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