Waste Reduction

When I first started this blog I said I was going to try and reduce our waste and have succeeded from 2 to 3 black bags a fortnight (landfill) to 1 a fortnight.  This has been helped by our council now recycling cardboard and paper.  We try not to buy processed food and organic and non processed food tends to come in less packaging naturally.  All tin cans, plastic covers, plastic bottles (those that aren’t kept for making planters), plastic containers, all glass, all cardboard and paper get recycled with us now.  

It hasn’t been difficult to achieve with the kerbside scheme and once checking initially I generally remember what can recycled and what can’t, there’s also reuse as well as recycle so some of our waste will be made into other things.  A lot of cardboard goes for mulching, containers can be used for our pets (who also have all their waste contribute to our compost 🙂 ) 

My advice to anyone wanting to reduce their waste is to encourage councils to have  kerbside scheme, learn what can be recycled and what can’t and try to avoid what can’t.  I already boycott a huge number of companies for being unethical, since then I have changed how I look at my food, the products we purchase and also what goes back out of our door, aware that every black bag will be buried in our earth and left to fester, picked apart by children on foreign soil and contaminate those areas.  It’s not something I am happy about.  

When I have time I shall try and do a week where I’ll show everything that gets opened, used, recycled and disposed of.  

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