Home made gifts part 2 – Firming Eye Gel – Full series to make mothers day birhday/Christmas pamper sets

This is a simple eye gel and as I had previously forgotten to save some cucumber juice from my last recipe I grated and squeezed the cucumber.  I was making 5 pots so multiplied the list by 5.  When making just one I would mix in the pot rather than the jug.

You will need:

1 thick (about 1/2 inch) thick) cucumber slices

1 tsp pure aloe vera gel

1 tsp pure distilled witch hazel.

Firstly I grated the cucumber into a cheesecloth over a jug.

2014-03-23 18.25.52

I then squeezed the juice out into the jug, I only need 5 tsp (if you are making 1 pot you need 1tsp) so I measured them into a separate container then transferred them back to the jug along with 5 tsp (1 if you are making 1) aloe vera gel and the same of witch hazel.  Then mix well, it needs to look smooth.

2014-03-23 18.34.05You can see it here with the containers ready next to it.  I then spooned 1 tsp of mixture into each and there you have it, eye gel.  I find it moisturises and firms, the natural ingredients have firming and restorative properties but as these have not been tested it may behave differently on different people.  As always try a test patch of skin first.


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