The Solution Revolution

I was writing a blurb about myself and wrote that I felt I’m part of the Solution Revolution.  It occurred to me that this is a nice phrase.  The world has many problems for many people and my belief is through awareness and sustainability we can make it better.  Hence my writing this blog.  Investigation and awareness into where items come from and how they are made has resulted in us spending less money on every day things whilst in turn being kinder to our environment.  We all know that there are issues, horrendous issues and so many it seems too large to tackle.  A piece at a time it isn’t so daunting and even though I am aware and remain aware of the problems I believe the merit is in finding the solutions to those problems.  

I do not believe the solution is singular, there will be many solutions and multiple solutions for the same issues.  There’s no need for us to conform to strict rules and guidelines, we can all make our lives better and improve our sustainability in our own ways without one being wrong and another being right.  Therefore I do feel part of a solution revolution.  Many people from all around the world with ideas on how to achieve their goals, how to benefit eachother and how to live happier, healthier lives.  I learn from them and I hope some learn from me.  

So how do you become part of the solution revolution?  Basically you do it, look at what you don’t like in your world and set about to change it piece by piece.  If you dislike unethical companies try to to source ethical ones or use local producers.  Try to reuse and upcycle what you can.  Learn from others experiences to achieve what you want.  The power is in your own hands to be the change you want to be.  When you feel overwhelmed just cut it down to size.  I didn’t plant all my plants and make all my products in one day, I planted wildflowers one week, vegetables the next, I’ll make products as and when I need them.  Where there is a will there is a way 🙂 


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