The Spring and Summer Ahead

Hello peeps, I’ve been hibernating.  Coming up on my blog will be details on how to make your own Mothers Day gifts, bath bombs, soap, toner, moisturiser, lip balm and eye gel.  Some images will be included with some step by step instructions.

Our seeds are planted in our mini greenhouse, hopefully to grow into some produce this year.  Our wild flowers have been planted all around the garden and I was surrounded by the sounds of singing birds and buzzing bees whilst completing these tasks.  Our peppers are on the way as you can see, on the windowsill.  I’ve used skewers to support them for now.  We will be putting some of the veggies into a bottle garden on our trellis and will add a post about this when we do it.  I used some cardboard from a blackberry bush we bought (it’s packaging) and made the labels for the seeds as I’m not so good with recognising plants yet!

Due to popular demand our lip balm will be available for sale soon but the cost is so high on putting cosmetics on the market (regardless of their simplicity or natural content) that we can only afford one at a time but will add more if that takes off.  30% of profit will go to charity.  At the moment it is looking to be to a food bank.

2014-03-23-14 2014-03-23-14.13



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