More planting, a new poly tunnel and clearing brambles.

A random name for a blog yes, but this year is very random so far but with it a sense of organised chaos.  Having tried and failed to grow vegetables last year we decided this year to buy one of the cheap greenhouses.  We tried to source alternatives on the free and second hand sites first but when we were unable to find any we buckled and purchased it, after all growing season was upon us.  As we rent we plant in pots, plastic may not be the most eco of substances but we have new ones, second hand ones, cracked ones etc my new motto is if it holds earth, grow in it!  I am not the kind of person who really gives a monkeys if my pots match or are falling apart so they’ll last us a while 🙂  Anyway, moving on, I have been putting regular updates of our exploits with the garden, so looking back it’s moved on a lot, it’s only a pity I didn’t take a true before shot.  My photographs are quick and really to show what we do but eventually, when I’m not busy planting (should be nearly done) I will take some photographs to show off the real beauty of the garden, when it’s seen in small pieces lol 😉 

So yes, a lot more plants added today, both edibles and those for the bees of which there are many!!  I have to say sitting on the steps potting up this morning I watched several bees buzzing around our flowers, I’ve guided 4 out of the poly tunnel today and 1 out of the greenhouse.  They are certainly appreciative of the little block of pots of flowers we have.  I added some evergreens and winter plants so that we still have colour and interest all year round and some that provide berries for the birds.  To add to the Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Peppermint and Sorrel we now have Marjoram, Lovage and Salad Burnet.  Even though neither of us like Lavender we got an unusual variety to keep the birds happy.  We have planted some shrubs to provide hideaways for wildlife.  

Our neighbour has been helping her daughter a lot and her garden was overtaken again this year by brambles.  She said if we clear them we can use the garden, so we now have a poly tunnel!  A truly epic poly tunnel it is too.  I have transferred the main plants from the green house and put them into the poly tunnel leaving the greenhouse free for seedlings and a few remaining veggies and fruits.

I also have to share another wonderful feeling today, sat on a bag of compost, planting vegetables and having bees glide passed in the sunshine 🙂 it’s been a great day, hard work, but seeing oodles of bees around has made all the hard work worth it.  We wanted to do this for the wildlife and for us and we are achieving both.  I might turn into a gardening nut, although slightly different to the norm, I plant it and grow it and pay little attention to specifics, it seems to work for me.  I also don’t really do neat, I like nature doing her thing so it’s quite haphazard and I doubt I’ll ever weed!

Here are some photographs,  In a couple of them you can see the garden we are clearing with our poly tunnel in it 🙂




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