Garden update

Well the garden has grown again, not just because of the glorious sunshine but because I can’t help buying reduced plants, plants from local markets, swapping, cuttings, anything, as much plant life as possible.  We have a healthy selection of vegetables, herbs and ornamentals.  With the aim being to aid the bee and butterfly life.  We have at least one damson fly inhabiting the garden.  We got trays of plants for 20p each the other day and it’s helping to add to a colourful if not eclectic garden.  As I am buying what is reduced or available from car boot sales and markets it’s not a designed garden but I’ve tried to focus on wildlife, perennials and ever greens or winter flowering plants.   I really need to get out with a proper camera and not with my phone, excuse the image with part of my hand in!  I was watering the garden at the same time LOL.  We have harvested quite a few strawberries, our blackcurrants are nearly ready as are our gooseberries.  We have several cucumbers, purple sprouting broccoli, French beans, runner beans, broad beans, chilli peppers, bell peppers, spring onions, red and white onions, leeks, potatoes, beetroot, radishes, apples and tomatoes all ripening away.  Sadly we have lost our cherries 😦 you can’t win them all though 😉 still so happy to have our garden and to be able to enjoy it’s sights, sounds and smells.  There’s nothing like smelling the flowers to the sound of birds in the trees and buzzing bees and admiring all the beauty nature offers 🙂 


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