The Year to Come

Hi all, I have been a bit remiss in my blogging, it’s been a busy few months.  I did hand make some gifts using my recipes and also recycled some unwanted mail into snowflakes using a tutorial from Instructables.  I shall try and get these posted later.  The following year will be a busy one.  In order to fund our 10 year plan (buy a small place with a lot of land and build our eco home on it under permitted development, pay the mortgage off in 10 years and then semi retire to living off the land and doing something we enjoy) I shall be working in the big smoke.  While hubby remains here to do the building.  We need to save for a while first but that is the plan.  In between that I shall be trying to make my own clothes and still trying to keep the garden growing.  We are changing what we plant this year as we are eating a mainly Asian diet and trying to be as vegan as possible.  So that’s the plan for the coming months.  Soon I shall be planning what I will be planting and getting in the garden to try and get rid of the brambles that came back and prepare for planting and putting the poly tunnel back up after it getting blown down in the wind.  I shall try to keep posting.  Meanwhile you can find me on as Alterego 🙂

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