Monthly Archives: May 2015

We are currently in between homes so the garden is on hold. Trying to improve my health is not. I have been unable to find answers or resolutions with medication. So it is time to start an experiment. One that involves me and food. My issues appear to be with sugar groups. A search on FODMAPs particularly from the Monash university will show you further information should you wish to know. So I embark on a wheat free week in my first exclusion week. Next week I will reintroduce it slowly. Well after making the mistake of eating wheat at breakfast I am feeling peckish so decided to experiment with spelt breakfast cookies.

Wheat Free breakfast cookies.
(Not gluten free)

I did not have anything to measure with so I used a small tub as a cup.
1 cup of wholemeal spelt flour
3 heaped tsp nut seed butter
Half a cup of chopped almonds, mixed seeds, raisins and goji berries
1 heaped tsp coconut oil
3 chunks of dark salted caramel chocolate (or just dark, to make them vegan use vegan dark chocolate.
3 tblsp Light brown sugar
Enough oat milk to bind.

Mix together the dry ingredients, coconut and nut and seed butter like you would a crumble. Then add oat milk to bind. Kneed into a ball. Then take off small chunks and roll then push into your palms. To make small cookies


Bake for 8 Mins, fan assisted at 180.