Front Garden

Well, it’s 2016 and I have neglected my blog.  We moved house but the great news is our new home is our own home which means free reign in the garden!  I will post before and after images but we have a small raised grass bed about 3m x 3m.  The back is…concrete!  Every gardeners nightmare but I aim to make it productive and beautiful thus proving that beautiful gardens can exist in unlikely spaces but onto the front garden.

Once our front garden wall is restored the grass will be going.  It will replaced by a cut flower and edible plant garden.  I love flowers in the home and our street doesn’t have many flowers for bees and butterflies.  Cutting flowers encourages further growth.  Not all the flowers will be for cutting but many of my favorites will feature.

This is a North facing garden that will get sun early in the morning as the sun rises, nothing in the afternoon and mostly full sunshine (there is an area with partial shade) for the late afternoon and evening.  I will be trying to encourage a neutral soil.  I plan to use some hugelkultur fundamentals.

So to start with the grass will be dug up and turned over, with a layer of gravel beneath it and soil on top.  I will then use a layer of cardboard to act as a weed membrane and also will mulch down eventually.  I will cut holes into this for the flowers to be planted, all this will be topped with soil and bark chippings.

To give some perspective, to the right of the image as you are looking at it (along the right hand side of 2 and 4) is a path, wall and steps.  Along the bottom of 3 and 4 is a path and our house.  Along the left of 1 and 3 is a wall, our neighbour has a large shrub which will mean square 1 is in partial shade.

gardenplanfinished copy

This is just a start and I am sure I will add to it.


  1. Gemma said:

    I love your blog and have missed it, I’m finally going to start my own fruit and veg garden but I have 2 children under 4 so time is an issue, I’m really liking the hugelkulure style of gardening which I am going to use on one of my beds this year.

    • Thank you, it’s really nice to know that other people are enjoying our journey too. There are lots of informative videos on youtube and ideas for making it fun for the kids so you actually get a chance to do the gardening. I love the idea of hugelkultur and permaculture, let it take care of itself as much as possible 🙂 I’m not a back breaking gardener, I have Jiu Jitsu for that lol 🙂

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