Well people, I have to say in a lot of ways this year I failed.  In some I succeeded, one thing is for sure I have neglected this blog.

Garden wise I did do a lot of planting, then all my veg died because I neglected them.  Yes I said it, I must take that responsibility for killing all my lovely plants by spending more time away than I did here.  So I succeeded in having an excellent social life with family and friends and going to festivals and generally being a bad gardener.

However, I made that concrete garden green and wild.  I look out now and it’s still bursting with reds and the distant memory of blooms.  I left it to it’s own devices and everything outside the poly tunnel thrived.  It became a haven for wildlife and in that I succeeded.

So, what’s left for the year?  Well slacking isn’t an option.  The garden needs to be ready for spring.  This time I will track with pictures, if not only to record the transformation.

The first thing to do is to take up the grass in the front garden and plant bulbs….lots of bulbs, in a way that they will flower at different times and wildflowers I had from Kew Gardens that are local variations.  Then the back needs to be tidied and my husband is going to build raised beds out of decking boards and most things in pots are going there.  The polytunnel needs to come down and the plants that need cutting back need to be done.

The plants that are there are beautiful so no complaints there but 4 sugar snap peas isn’t really a harvest!  LOL Oh and 4 apples, 9 tomatoes and some strawberries.  Next year…


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