I’m a married Welsh woman who works full time.  We both work full time, we are lucky enough to have jobs that will give us the money to save for some land where we would hope to build a sustainable property.  We aren’t quite ready to take the magnificent leap like some people do and we like our lives.  We are lucky enough to be in a nice area, with nice neighbours and quite a few who keep chickens, grow their own vegetables and want to bring back the wild.  So while we strive for our goal we need to try and make it work where we are.  We want to be able to live as sustainably as we can in what you would consider an average home and average working life.  This is what my blog is about, my hope is that others will follow suit, in their own ways, so we can all try and build a world with a greater sustainability.  I can’t really see any other way forward, there is so much I could talk about regarding my views on the state of the world, but I don’t know the answers.  I do know what I can do though and I can hope that with what I do and what everyone else does we slowly make things better, for everyone, not just a small number.

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